Clinical Consultation

When clients reach out to me when they already have a therapist, they will tell me they are intimidated by how to discuss sex with you at all.

Clients will have their own discomfort talking about intimacy. But…maybe they also sense that sex is a topic that is off limits when working with you. Some of these clients are not wrong.

The invitation to talk about sex with clients depends on the therapist knowing how and when to create good opportunities. The average therapist often feels out of their comfort zone when if comes to working with sexuality clinically. This is for good reason. You probably had inadequate graduate education to address sexual issues with your clients. Few of us have been lucky enough to have extra training or mentorship with sex in our professional development.

You understand that sex and intimacy is important and will affect a client’s well-being, but you don’t know how to actually support your clients’ sexual concerns when it comes up.

Why Should I Consult With a Certified Sex Therapist?

Of the many reasons you are considering sex therapy consultation, you might be concerned about how talking about sex will impact the therapeutic relationship or the transference. Or you could be stumped or embarrassed about what to actually say with clients, and you’re sure they’re totally picking up on that. Some of us don’t really talk about sex in our personal lives – let alone with clients. Other therapists are really ready to stretch with sexuality in session, but they’re unsure where to start.

Filling in the gaps can help you retain and serve clients where they are at. You don’t have to feel out of your depth when you’ve already spent so much time building a relationship with them. Learning how to integrate sex therapy into your existing work serves many purposes, and brings growth to your existing specialties.

Take it from me, sex becomes existential very, very quickly. Understanding how to assess and think about sexual problems will create confidence in how to deepen your work elsewhere.

My approach is to no longer think of sex as a stand alone specialization, but rather a domain of functioning as part of your client’s lives.
The truth is that sex is connected to many parts of us and our clients’ lives. I have advanced skills as a certified sex therapist that I am ready to share. I am here to support you in how in learning how to integrate sex into your clinical foundation.
SF Psychotherapist Deva Segal specializing in sex therapy, couples therapy & biracial folks.
I provide consultation for best practices in:
If you have specific questions about sex therapy practices or want to learn more about what it’s like to be a sex therapist, I’m happy to answer your questions.
SF Psychotherapist Deva Segal specializing in sex therapy, couples therapy & biracial folks.

My Approach and Areas of Expertise

My therapeutic stance is psychodynamic – informed by a blend of Object-Relational, Existential-Humanistic, and Somatic theories. I also have a specialization in Expressive Arts therapy, which uses creativity of all kinds during the therapeutic process. My couples therapy utilizes both differentiation and attachment theories of relational dynamics, and my training is rooted in both The Developmental Model and PACT for interventions.

In addition to couples and sex therapy, I provide clinical consultation on these topics:

I am a second-generation immigrant. I have extensive experience working with clients of many different cultural backgrounds and deeply prioritize this work in my practice.

Deva’s clients may be hurt & outraged at the system of racism recently & seeking professional help.

When to Refer Your Current Client to a Sex Therapist?

It could be appropriate to refer clients to a specialist instead of keeping them. This applies to both individuals and couples. It can be unclear if you should continue working with your client with just some additional support and education, or if you’re truly out of your scope of competency and it’s time to refer out to another therapist altogether.

If you’re on the fence about a particular case, it’s a good idea to bring our heads together. Contact me for consultation. We will discuss the best strategies based on your comfort and abilities and the client’s specific needs and preferences.

How to Work With Me

Send me an email on my contact form to set up an appointment.

You may alone in the therapy room with your clients, but good psychotherapy is a team sport. I offer professional consultation to health care professionals individually, in groups, and for organizations. In addition, I’m available to come to your agency to provide sex therapy and relationship-based workshops. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

On a limited basis, I supervise mental health professionals accruing hours toward licensure. I’m approved by BBS to supervise California registered AMFTs, APCCS, and ASWs. As a supervisor, I value helping therapists learn how to think critically while also building their clinical skills. My goal in working together is to support you in understanding the full scope of what it means to be a therapist – from clinical work to business and systems practices to marketing. Supervision should help you develop your voice and unique point of view.

If you’re a potential client

… interested in learning more about my sex therapy services, you can learn more about my process here >>>