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You’ve followed the plan of where you wanted to go in life. Dedication and achievements have taken you to amazing heights. But there’s this one part of your life that’s not going according to plan…

Sexual problems are nagging at you. You feel confused and maybe even ashamed. It’s either causing all sorts of problems in your partnership or messing with your dating game. You don’t really feel like you can get close anymore.

You’ve made progress in other areas because you take personal growth seriously, but with sex you feel totally stuck. You consider yourself open-minded and may have even had a really fun sex life before. Things have changed. Today, it’s hard to even form the words about what is going on and what you want. The topic is getting really fraught and you’re feeling frozen around it.

Sex probably was not a topic of conversation growing up. Not in your house! To add to that, you’re dealing with cultural stigmas and stereotypes about you just moving through the world. Sometimes your partner understands you, sometimes not.

But now, you’ve come to terms that you can’t keep ignoring this issue anymore. You want more ease and better ways to handle this.

Hi, I’m Deva
(she/her and my name is pronounced like diva)

I’m a psychotherapist and certified sex therapist that sees how much our inner lives actually show up in sex and intimacy. The impacts of sex on a relationship can make you question if you’re compatible or if you can even maintain a relationship in your life.

In both couples and individuals therapy, we will analyze the circumstances around you, get a clearer understanding of what really matters, and figure out the right tools to move forward. Maybe you haven’t gotten accurate or reliable information, or you’ve tried to deal with the issue before but didn’t get satisfactory results. My goal is to help you feel more confident in your desires, come up with effective solutions where needed, and improve your communication skills in your relationship.


Relationship Therapy

Partnerships are much more than just sex. Yet it can be the one area that is the toughest to really talk about with each other. If you’re committed to someone, differences in what you want are inevitable.
Individual Therapy

If you’ve been told that sex should be easy, hot, and happen “naturally”, you’re not alone. It’s easy to get caught up in how sex is supposed to be, leaving you frustrated on why it’s not that way for you.

Sexual Dysfunction

Pain and Performance

All genders can have problems with pain during sex or concerns about their sexual functioning and “performance”. Few people talk about it. Next steps are to get accurate and supportive information.

Sex Addiction

Out-of-Control Sexual Behaviors

If you no longer feel like you’re in charge of your thoughts or behaviors with sex, things may feel out of your control. There is help to find out what is in the way.
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Deva is a licensed psychotherapist (LMFT CA #103816 / ME #MF7207 / SC #TLC 825 MFT) and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist practicing in the downtown Financial District of San Francisco, CA. She has worked with clients aged 6 to 88 in different settings since 2011. These days, she helps individuals and couples get more in tune with their wants and needs. She has a special focus on sexuality and folks of mixed ethnic or racial backgrounds.

She slightly prefers pie over cake, but loves dogs and cats equally.

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