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Couples and Individual Therapy for Sex and Relationships

Deva Segal, LMFT, CST
In-Person Appointments
in San Francisco, CA

You’re living the life you’ve worked hard for.

Your friends call you dedicated, high-achieving, and successful.

From the outside it may look like you have it together.

But there’s one part of your life that’s not going according to plan…


Low libido

Difficulties with arousal
Mismatches with your partner(s)
Compulsive behaviors
Checked out during sex
Performance Anxiety


Actual physical pain

If this sounds like you, then you may be dealing with repetitive, unproductive discussions at home, frustrating late-night Google searches, or directionless conversations with your therapist.

Maybe you’ve decided there’s no point in even dating if sex is going to be disappointing for both you and them.

Have you ever had moments you feel “broken”? Like it’s pointless to even try to fix this, and no else is struggling or can relate?

Look, I get it.  It’s lonely not being able to talk freely about what’s wrong.

Sex ed class with your 8th grade gym teacher or any parent talk (if it even happened) didn’t exactly prepare you for intimacy and communication as an adult. Cultural, religious, and gender norms can also be stifling. It’s confusing to not live up to expectations – maybe you’re even not sure what is true for you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Man with his hands together looking worried

Hi, I’m Deva

(she/her, pronounced ‘diva’)

As a psychotherapist and certified sex therapist for individuals and couples, I see how much client’s inner lives actually show up in sex and intimacy. With close to a decade of experience and in-depth training in sexual concerns and relationships, I can tell you there is no one right way to be healthy or normal in your sexuality. Talking about sex openly can be vulnerable and scary. It is also rich, creative, and enlightening when you have the right support.

Whether you’ve been feeling stuck for 15 days or 15 years, there’s a way through.

Sex can be fun, interesting, connected, and free from worries.

I’m not here to just help you have more sex. I’m here to support you in having sex that’s WORTH having.

You might have tried some band-aid solutions that worked a little. Trust me, I love easy wins and solutions that work right now.

The reality is sexual problems are not always just about sex.

Sex is complex and relates to many parts of you. Digging into just how your history, stressors, and current circumstances actually impact you will set you up for the lasting change that you’re ready for.

I help you connect the dots from your sexual self to your whole life, not apart from it.

All desires are okay – even no desire.

No matter where you’re at, sex therapy can help you gain more useful insights to relationship patterns, learn about your wants and how to communicate them, feel more relaxed with partners, and understand your body’s reactions.

You deserve to have tools to help you feel more empowered and hopeful.

Therapy with me
will look like:

Step 1: ASSESSMENT. We’ll begin with an in-depth assessment to understand who you are and identify how we want to shape your care. We will explore what “good sex” looks like and what it means to you.
Step 2: SET GOALS. We’ll create a customized pathway to your goals – every client is unique! Keep in mind more with information, your vision might look different than you imagine when we first begin working together.
Step 3: SUPPORT. As we work together, we’ll see how and when your challenges show up and influence your erotic self. We’ll uncover areas where you need support and put the tools in place you need to be successful.

Problems with sex can make you question if you’re compatible with your partners or if you're even able to have or maintain a relationship in your life. 

Living in shame or fear, thinking you’ll never be able to change not does not have to be your life.

You don’t have to figure this out alone. I got you.

Let’s begin with a free consultation.

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