Psychotherapist Deva Segal based in San Francisco’s Financial District
Deva Segal, LMFT

Deva Segal, LMFT

Online therapy for adults and couples in California.
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If you’re on a journey for a therapist, you’ve already come far. Doing this on your own isn’t working the way it used to, if it ever did.
Hi, I’m Deva
(pronounced just like diva). I’m an individual and couples therapist who is on a mission to help you go from “why can’t I get more comfortable and trust in the people and the world?” to “Ohhhh, wow. Damn. Yep, this is how I am getting in my own way.”

I have a passion for clients working on their intimate relationships and folks who are adaptive survivors who want to feel more than their old wounds. This is a POC and queer friendly therapy practice.


Individual Therapy

The progress in life you’ve made didn’t bring you the keys to happiness you were expecting. All the ways you had to cope with a tough childhood are still around to keep haunting you. Adults and teens.


Couples Therapy

‘Communication issues’ often end up meaning “I know we’re talking past each other, but I can’t understand why you won’t just hear me out. I’m completely worn out I’m not getting my point across.”


Sex Therapy

If you’ve been told that sex should be easy, hot, and happen “naturally”, you’re not alone. It’s easy to get caught up in how sex is supposed to be, leaving you frustrated and confused on why it’s not that way. Individuals and couples welcome.


Mixed Racial Background

One mirror, multiple truths. Whether you are biracial, multiracial, multiethnic, or have a very mixed cultural background, who you are doesn’t fit into a neat narrative.
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Deva is a psychotherapist practicing in the downtown Financial District of San Francisco, CA (LMFT #103816). She has worked with clients aged 6 to 88 in different settings since 2011. These days, she helps individuals and couples get more in tune with their wants and needs. She has a special focus on sexuality and folks of mixed ethnic or racial backgrounds.

She slightly prefers pie over cake, but loves dogs and cats equally.

582 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94104 · 415-496-6660

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