Integrating sexuality in therapy takes on several different forms. It’s never just about one thing.

Sex is both a direct experience and a symbol of something else. It’s a place we become closer to ourselves and paradoxically leave ourselves behind. It is linked to our creativity, play, pleasure, joy, sadness, rage, loss, and renewal. What I do with individual and couples sex therapy is to honor that your erotic self is a home to deeper expression. That is independent of whether we know what we want, getting what we think we want, or have sexual connection with others at all.

It can be a vulnerable experience to discuss your intimate thoughts and experiences with another person. I enjoy cultivating a sense of ease, dignity, and curiosity about these parts of you. Types of sexual issues that I have experience or interest in:

  • Couples learning how to become more sexually compatible
  • Differences in desires
  • Sexual dysfunction or differences in sexual functioning
  • Out of control sexual behaviors
  • Sexual shame
  • Sexual (re)discovery after trauma or conservative upbringing

I view sex as a dimension of general therapy; however, no client is required to discuss what they are not comfortable with. While there are other kinds of sex coaching with mutual touch, sex therapy with me is a clothes-on discussion without touch. There is never sexual contact between therapist and client, and you will never be encouraged to touch or have sex with anyone you do not wish to. Any touch exercises suggested during session with yourself and/or your partner will be clothes-on and for the purpose of connection – not for sexual stimulation. Any sexual exercises suggested during your therapy will occur outside of session and only with you and your partners’ consent.

I welcome clients across the sexual minority spectrums – LBGTQ+ folks, kink practices, sex workers, and non-monogamy. I am influenced by the works of David Schnarch, Esther Perel, Peggy Kleinplatz, and Jack Morin (my human sexuality instructor).

Contact me for a 20 minute consultation to discuss where you are and what you’re looking for. Working with me begins with a weekly commitment of 50 minute sessions. Longer or more frequent sessions may be recommended depending on your needs. Couples are recommended to have 80 minute sessions. Read more about my style, or review some FAQs. I have special interest in working with multiethnic and third culture clients.

“If you are to advance, all fixed ideas must go.” – Joseph Campbell

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